Brick House Cafe

Brick-House-Cafe-LogoThe Brick House serves the Manheim community by serving as a gathering place for all ages.  We offer what our customers are calling “The Best Breakfast in Lancaster County”.

If your looking for a little lift then you have to try our coffee and our espresso.  You can guarantee we are not serving gas station coffee here.  All our coffee is from small batch roasters and is never more then a few weeks from the roaster to the cup.   Looking for a great place to meet up for lunch?  Look no further…

Check out the lunch menu of hand crafted sandwiches, soups, and salads. Dinners are something totally different and special. There is no other place that offers the caliber of excellent food, great atmosphere, expert service, and the opportunity to bring your own beer or wine.

We have had a lot of home brewers comment, “We love the fact we can bring our own and enjoy it with your food”.

If your looking for something special give us a try, we are right around the corner!

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